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    Compostable Plates For Your Wedding – 5 Best Options

    December 20, 2016

    Weddings can be stressful! Therefore to ease the stress on both you and the environment use eco-friendly compostable dinnerware. First of all compostable wedding plates are convenient because they are disposable. This means no messy clean up after the wedding. One issue we face consequently is disposable items can be harmful to the earth. For this reason to remedy this issue compostable plates are a wonderful earth friendly solution.

    Below are our top 5 options of compostable plates for weddings based on look, price and value.


    Round Natural Areca Palm Leaf Wedding Plate 10 inch. (100 pieces)

    If you are looking for something round with a more formed shape these compostable wedding plates are the ones

    The shape of these plates is more in line towards original plate but the palm leaf material takes them to the next level. This wedding plate option shares some of the same features as the plate above but the shape really gives it a more formal and elegant look.

    View product pricing and information here


    Eco-products Compostable Wedding Plates (500 pieces)

    Compostable Wedding Plates made from Sugarcane

    One of the issues with compostable plates, or even disposable plates for that matter is you don’t want a cheap or disposable look.

    Eco-Products compostable plates wedding have a unique design and a smooth finish. Made of Sugarcane which is the most eco-friendly material for disposables. Sugarcane comes from bagasse. Bagasse is the leftover material after the juice extraction from sugarcane. This dish is also sturdy so it does now feel flimsy like some disposable dishes. Sold in 500 pieces is sure to give you ample dishes now matter how large your wedding reception is.

    View product pricing and information here

    Wasara Maru 100% Compostable Round Wedding Plate (400 pieces)

    Looking for something unique with a lot of chic?

    Wasara Maru compostable wedding plates have a next level look which will have your guests admiring the design and not even thinking about the fact that they are disposable. The only issue with this dish is telling all of your wedding reception guests where you got them!

    View product pricing and information here


    Palm Leaf Square Wedding Plate, 10″ (100 pieces)

    If you really want to give the earthy look palm leaf plates are the way to go!

    Palm leaf compostable plates for weddings have a wonderful wood grain look. In addition to there rustic look they are very durable as well. When you pick them up you will question if they are disposable because they feel like they are reusable. Although they are a pricier option, they definitely bridge the gap between disposable and reusable.

    View product pricing and information here


    Renewable & Compostable Round Sugarcane Wedding Plates

    These compostable wedding plates have the original disposable paper plate feel but are much stronger and smoother.

    These plates are the most basic but are still eco-friendly and also cost effective if your on a budget. The design is simplistic and they have a brilliant smooth feel. I would recommend these to cost conscience wedding planners who’s main focus is on having a green wedding.

    View product pricing and information here


    Congratulations on your wedding and on being responsible to the environment! Did I miss any exciting products? Please leave suggestions in the comments.

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