120 Pack – Paper Coffee Cups – Disposable Coffee Cups with Lids and Sleeves

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Product descriptionPackage Quantity:120 | Size:12ozMade of the top QUALITY premium food grade paper- Pack of 120 Paper Coffee Hot Cups, Travel Lids,Sleeves and 120 Stirrers -12 oz

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Product description
Package Quantity:120 | Size:12oz
Made of the top QUALITY premium food grade paper- Pack of 120 Paper Coffee Hot Cups, Travel Lids,Sleeves and 120 Stirrers -12 oz

• Whatever your occasion, whether at the coffee shop, office, wedding, shower, church, party or even your own home. Our hot cups will serve your purpose perfectly.

• A QUALITY product all around. Made of durable thick paper, our cups are guaranteed not to leak or make a mess.

• At 120 cups, lids, and sleeves. You won’t find a better deal on Amazon! Perfect to supple the entire office

• Perfect for hot coffee, iced coffee, tea, or any type of beverage you can think of.

• These cups are 100% recyclable or disposable. Meaning no more wasting time cleaning out countless coffee cups at the office.

Average Joe is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality hot cup around. We stand behind our product 100 % and strive to satisfy our customers to the fullest.
BEST DEAL ON AMAZON BY FAR – You will receive 120 hot cups! 120 lids! 120 sleeves! And 120 Stirrers!!
PREMIUM QUALITY – Average Joe prides itself on providing the best quality hot cups around. Our hot cups are made of top quality premium food grade paper, and our hot cups have been tested at extreme temperatures, guaranteed not to leak due to a secure fitting lid.
DISPOSABLE AND REUSABLE – You can use our hot cups once, or multiple times. Feel free to reheat your coffee, knowing that the quality off the hot cup will not suffer. We know this, because of extreme testing that is done on Average Joe hot cups
MULTIPLE USES – Great for at the office, at your home, open house, or even a wedding. These cups can be used for both hot or cold drinks. These hot cups can hold hot coffee, iced coffee, tea, Cocoa, Espresso, Latte macchiato, Mocha, Hot chocolate, or even just water. Many ways to use one cup!
PERFECT SIZE – Not to big and not to small for your cup of joe. Average Joe hot cups will fit perfectly under your Keurig. At 12 oz you’ll have just the right amount of coffee for your morning.


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