All Natural Palm Leaf Plates, 25 Pack / 10 Inch. Elegant and Eco Friendly Disposable Dinner Plates by Wild Leaf

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Rustic & Elegant
Wild Leaf’s dinner plates are stylish and a planet friendly alternative to any disposable paper or plastic dinnerware. They are produced sustainably from a renewable and biodegradable raw material – fallen Indian Areca Palm Leaves. Each leaf is unique with its beautiful grains and textures and so each plate has that natural, wood like appearance. The plates may vary in color from light beige to a dark brown and may have a very mild, pleasant, woody scent.

Great For Any Occasion
Palm leaf plates are light-weight but strong, freezer and heat safe (oven safe up to 350F for 45 minutes, and microwave safe on high for 2 minutes). They are perfect for serving hot or cold food and durable for use with knives and forks without any worry of leaks.
Our dinnerware is USDA certified as 100% bio-based, meaning it’s totally compostable, biodegradable and chemical free – making them a unique and great quality natural alternative to your disposable party supplies.
The 10 Inch square plates are perfect for hardy entrees and large portion mains. Dimensions: 10″(L) x 10″(W) x 5/8″(H)

Care Instructions
Each plate is designed for single use, we also recommend to store them in a dry location and keep the package sealed until ready for use. After using, simply toss in the trash with food waste, your green recycling can, or home compost.
Be earth friendly, set yourself apart and make a statement by using Wild Leaf natural dinnerware at your next wedding, birthday party, outdoor BBQ or any other social event.

Its our sustainable tableware for your modern day living.

BEST ECO FRIENDLY PLATES Wild leaf disposable plates are a USDA certified 100% biobased product. Our tableware is crafted from nature’s simplest ingredients – fallen leaves, heat and water. Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, no trees are harmed to manufacture.
BACKYARD COMPOSTABLE AND BIODEGRADABLE Once disposed, each of our plates naturally biodegrades in less than 2 months – just like any dried leaf in your yard. No commercial facilities are required.
STURDY AND VERSATILE Palm leaf plates are a beautiful complement to earthy, rustic décor – from barn or beach weddings to backyard parties, barbecues and picnics – your party guests will simply adore your considered, eco-conscious choice. While they are made out of fallen leaves, you’ll be impressed with how sturdy and durable they are – easily capable of handling buffet meals or heavy entrées.
IDEAL FOR KIDS light, attractive and won’t break, so no need to worry when dinner goes flying.
WE OFFER COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION because our customers are more important than our sales. If you are not absolutely happy with our disposable dinnerware, we will REPLACE OR REFUND YOUR ORDER, no questions asked. CONTACT US directly and we will take care of you. WE LOVE TO HELP.


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