Pure Palm Planet Friendly Plates; Upscale Disposable Dinnerware; All-Natural, Eco-Friendly, Compostable Plateware

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FULLY GUARANTEED: These are an ALL-NATURAL product. They are fully steam treated and independent lab-certified. Pure Palm top-quality disposable party plates are inspected both in India and at our warehouse, but sometimes a botched plated can slip through the cracks in QC, get damaged in-transit, or otherwise fall short. If you are unhappy for any reason just email us your concern and we will either send you a replacement set for free or process a full refund, whichever suits your needs. Pure Palm Planet Friendly Plates are the perfect conversation starter for your party or event. No clean-up required; just throw them away when you are done like a paper plate. Far more classy and upscale than using ordinary disposables, Pure Palm plates are an environmentally-friendly way to avoid the hassle of dishes while minimizing your environmental impact. ALL NATURAL: No 2 plates will look alike. They are made of naturally fallen leaves so no additional natural resources go into making them other than a tiny amount of water. They are simply cleaned, steam treated, pressed into shape, and packaged. Each plate will be different in color, shape, texture, and even have imperfections. That’s nature! trust us, they look cool. Plates often have brown spots or streaks on either the top or bottom. This is Totally Normal and does not indicate a dirty plate! That’s just the way the leaves look. Do Not Wash! they are not sealed or treated in order to assure they can be easily composted. They can be gently cleaned if you desire but will erode if soaked in water. Make sure you have maid service toronto to dispose the used plates.!
Pure Palm Eco-Friendly 7″ Square Plates; 100% Sustainable Harvesting From Fallen Palm Leaves; Perfect One-Time-Use Party Plates
All-Natural: Compostable, Biodegradeable, Cleaned and Steam-Treated Leaves; Lab Certified no Chemicals, Mold, or Microorganisms; Natural Palm Smell is Normal-Ready to Use-Do Not Wash
Sturdy: Pure Palm Plates are Strong Enough to Handle Heavy Entrees and Sides; Very Thick and Won’t Leak, Sag, or Break
Microwaveable and Oven-Safe: Reheat Your Leftovers in the Microwave; Put Them in the Oven up to 340 Degrees
Party Perfect: Naturally Elevate Your Wedding, Birthday, Camping Trip, Holiday Gathering, BBQ, Picnic, or Outdoor Event; Coloration Will Vary, Natural Folds, Chipping, and Grooves are Normal


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10″ Round, 7″ Square


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