Wooden Disposable Cutlery Knifes 6″ length ( pack of 200ct)


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Better for the environment than plastic, Biodegradable & Composted after use.

Eco friendly Wooden Disposable Knives:

100 wooden knives

Use for:

any food choice, intended for single use


6.5″ (160mm) in Length


Made of 100% natural solid birch wood Strong and Sturdy

Non Toxic: no plastics or harmful chemicals

Utelise for:

  • every day use, kids Lunch Box
  • Party Supplies, baby showers, birthday parties, Catering Events,Restaurant weddings, picnics or any event
  • Art project for stamping or painting, The handle dimensions is 1/2″ wide and 3-1/2″ high

Plastic has many negative health and environmental effects.

  • Health Problems with Plastic: It is widely known that plastics from touch food can leach into food and enter the body. Scientists have tied BPA to ailments including asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, genital deformity, heart disease, liver problems, and ADHD.
  • Plastics and the Planet: When we consider how long it takes for plastic to break down, and the high levels of plastic pollution found even in areas not inhabited by humans (like the ice and water of the Atlantic), we can start to understand how big of a problem plastic pollution can be.

Made of 100% Natural Smooth Birch wood- Non Toxic: no plastics or harmful chemicals
Eco-Friendly Product, Compostable & Biodegradable, A great alternative to plastic, Better for the Health and the Planet
Premium Quality Disposable Utensils, Sturdy Sanitary & Convenient Knives making clean up easy
Measure 6.5″ in Length Wooden Knive – Good for any food choice and can be Utilize for: every day use, kids Lunch Box, Party, Picnics or any event, Art project for stamping or painting
USDA and CFIA Approved


100, 200


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